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Uzungol Travel Guide

Uzungöl has become a place where companies and businesses can organize meetings, camps and tours, from having only recently become the center of holiday...
Uzungöl Landscape

Why to go Uzungol?

In recent years, the Black Sea springs began to take place among the holiday plans of many travelers, including foreign tourists. The holiday concept...
Uzungol's Climate

The climate of Uzungöl

The characteristic feature of the warm and humid weather of the BlackSea is the typical summer climate. Uzungöl has a very cool and comfortable...
Uzungöl Trip Route

Tourism in Uzungol

The Haldizen river creates Uzungöl, a lake in the heart of Trabzon. Bringing life to the Demirkapı plateau and energizing the azaleas, it collects...
Uzungöl Camii

Information About Uzungol

The 1625 hectares of the park were designated as a Uzungol Nature Park in 1989 because of the rich plant life, wildlife and sightseeing...

How to Go Uzungol

Trabzon, 99 km, 20 km from the town of Caykara. In Uzungöl, where the tourist density is increasing, transportation alternatives are increasing in the...
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