Uzungöl Trip Route

First of all, after taking necessary measures against rain or drizzling rain; You can start the trip from the point where the stream meets Uzungöl. Begin over the left side of the lake by the creek, passing over the suspension bridge made of wood. Lake and... Devamı...

Uzungol Souvenirs

In Uzungöl, you can find a place where Uzungol Souvenir is attached to bring your visitors to your friends or to keep them as a memory from this trip as you come back with your holiday or daily species. From the immediate entrance of Uzungol, there are hundreds... Devamı...

Uzungol Travel Guide

Uzungöl has become a place where companies and businesses can organize meetings, camps and tours, from having only recently become the center of holiday trips. Along with the increasing tourism potential in summer, the capacities of the social facilities located... Devamı...

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