Friday, July 19, 2019

Discover Uzungol

Uzungol is a village, plateau and entertainment place. It is a trip and a little beauty with its tourist hostels, small resort-type hotels, trout restaurants and natural scenery. Located on the edge of the lake, the mosque is indispensable in Uzungöl photographs. In the middle of the valley, the rocks falling from the slopes closed the front of the Haldizen creek, Trabzon’s Eco-Tourism center. The lake is known as Uzungol and gives its name to the region. The village of Şerah, which is located near the lake, is the strongest link of the region with history.

You can find detailed information about the daily bus and tour times with the transportation options you can use for transportation from Trabzon to Uzungöl.

If you want to spend a long time to see the Uzungöl holiday unexpected surprises and do not want to ruin the air before we want to know the water.

If you want to enjoy this beautiful nature for a few days, take fresh air and get away from the noisy and dirty air of the city.

There are multiple factors of importance in tourism. We wanted to share with you the Ecotourism which is important for the Black Sea region. Why should it be so important? Take a look.

The best way to see the weather in Uzungöl before heading out for a day trip to Uzungol. The night view is not good because the camera and the media are not sufficient.

Would you like to spend a good time browsing the album where Uzungöl has beautiful pictures taken at different times? Have fun then.